KLUMP timing belts are equipped with the wide range of coatings. Many years of experience and our extensive machinery provide an excellent level of quality. Learn more about the coatings in this booklet starting on page 26. Or request our detailed timing belts / coating brochure. Investments in the state of the art CNC processing machines allow us, as well as all thinkable mechanical special processing such as:

  • Perforated timing belts / vacuum belts
  • Production of double timing belts (DL)
  • Coatings with prisms / millings – also according to your specification
  • Timing belts polished / back and band widths
  • Milling grooves in belts or coatings
  • Coatings incised / cut
  • Prepare tooth side in longitudinal direction
  • Remove individual teeth
  • Create 3D contours
  • Mill longitudinal and transverse notches
  • Timing belts with PU foam sidewalls / special shapes
Klump Zahnriemen, noppen, Beschichtung
Klump Zahnriemen, querrippen, Beschichtung
Klump Zahnriemen, noppen, Beschichtung
KLUMP PU Zahnriemen mit Beschichtung, Sonder, Loch
Klump Zahnriemen beschichtet, gesommert