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KLUMP timing belts are premium products made of high-quality polyurethane with high-performance tensile cord of steel, stainless steel, kevlar or fieber glass. They are successfully used in synchronous conveyors, for the control of linear movements and in drive systems. We cover a wide range of possible applications, for example in automation and handling technology, in the hygiene and packaging industry as well as in cardboard production. Endless welded timing belts with innovative connection technology, whether welded or mechanically, made of metal and plastic or non-connected flex-belts ensure the greatest possible pulling force depending on the application.
We store all common tooth profiles as rollware and could guarantee a 24-hour service for welded timing belts, as well as on-site installations. We will be pleased to send you our detailed timing belt-
and coating brochure, technical data sheets as well as our sample folder.

Timing belt variants

Klump Zahnriemen-Presse

KLUMP timing belts are assembled according to purpose of use with the various connection technologies. Please note also our service for the installation at your site.

Klump PU Zahnriemen, PAZ, NUT, Leiste, Keilleiste, Zahn, Zahnseite

KLUMP timing belts can be manufactured in many sizes with extruded V-shaped guide or subsequently welded PU V-shaped guides (smooth or notched).

Klump Zahnriemen ohne Wickelnase, Nass

KLUMP timing belts without groove are completely coated with polyurethane materials and are predominantly assembled for wet areas in many parts according to your specifications.

Klump PU Zahnriemen mit Nocken

KLUMP timing belts can be equipped on request with cams in many variants – even special cams according to your specifications or your drawings are possible.

Klump PU Zahnriemen, PAZ, PAR, Polyamidgewebe

KLUMP timing belts can be manufactured on request additionally with one-sided or two-sided polyamide fabric with different tooth pitches – even available in antistatic version.

Klump Zahnriemen, Lebensmittelbereich, eu-konform

KLUMP timing belts are made in EU compliant polyurethane materials and are designed without grooves. These special belts are used mainly in wet areas.

Klump CNC Maschine, Sonderbearbeitungen Zahnriemen, pu, Beschcihtung

KLUMP timing belts – whether made of polyurethane or neoprene – can be assembled with the wide range of coatings for mechanical CNC processing.


More than 30 years of experience in all industrial sectors are incorporated into our product information and delivery programme. We rely on European premium products and innovative developments with sustainability. We wish to be every day better with our partners and you as customers, to protect our resources, to take up new challenges and to create solutions of them.

We keep in stock over 350 types of belts from PVC, polyurethane, silicone and felt. Our food conveyor belts in white and blue are EU compliant and can be confirmed with the latest declarations of conformity.

The assembly is done by long-term employees and our extensive, modern machine plant that we are constantly extending. Of course, we develop, manufacture refine special products according to your specifications.

We personalize your conveyor belts with precision and accuracy tailored to your needs.