KLUMP products guarantee a reliable and safe handling of complex logistical processes and meet high precision and efficiency in the assembly and distribution desired by our customers. The outstanding features of our materials and the top quality CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY secure flawless operation for all your applications, such as:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Transport
  • Sorting
  • Assembly
  • Conveying in curves

Our products such as transport and processing belts, telescopic belts, round belts, flat belts and roller train drive belts, as well as timing belts meet all individual conveying and processing tasks not only in distribution centres, logistics companies, but also on airports and in the internal logistics areas of our customers.


We offer for the logistics industry not only finished products from our assembly, but also individual solutions. Our purpose is the reliable support for your projects, excellent consulting and also the service on-site in your companies by our 24-hours assembly emergency service.


Some advantages and features of our products for the logistics industry:

  • Low-noise fabrics (working side)
  • Permanently antistatic belts designs
  • Abrasion-resistant coatings
  • Storage-enabled carrying sides
  • Flame retardant belts qualities
  • Customized special solutions
  • Equipment and special tools
  • Assembly service on-site around the clock