Klump Schneidemaschine

March 2017 

Investment and commissioning our new cutting machine for plastic conveyor belts (full rollers) with maximal band width of 3,500 mm; this equipment is used for the extension of our cutting sector – in total we have now 6 large cutting machines for full rollers, which are used in 2 shifts. This greatly increases the flexibility,…


April 2017

Extension of our sales team by Mr Holger van der Koelen; he has many years of experience in our industry and a very extensive expertise. Mr van der Koelen takes the responsibility for office work management of our Sales Department.

Klump Wellenkanten-Maschine

April 2017

Commissioning a new longitudinal welding machine / sidewalls welding machine up to band widths of more than 2,000 mm; this equipment was included in the factory III and is used for the expansion of our machinery. This considerably improves the flexibility of our sidewalls belts production.