Haul-Off Belts

Haul-Off Belts

KLUMP haul-off belts with backside coating from PVC, PU, rubber or silicone have been used in cable production and in the plastics processing industry for years, e.g. in the haul-off of cables, profile and tubes.

The material composition of our haul-off belts is always up to par with the latest practical experiences and requirements of our customers. KLUMP haul-off belts stand out for their excellent running qualities and long service cycle resulting from seamless woven or coiled reinforcements. We also supply custom-made and processed special coatings according to your specifications.

The endlessly woven/coiled polyester layer of our haul-off belts ensure great flexibility and a high degree of accuracy so that the haul-off belts can even be used where minor direction changes are necessary.

If necessary, KLUMP haul-off belts can be ground to exactly the same thickness. Special profiles on the backside of the belts (for example v-ribbed profiles) or glide impregnation ensure perfect solution for all types of haul-off goods.

Haul-Off BeltsHaul-Off Belts

Haul-Off Belts Haul-Off Belts Haul-Off Belts

If the haul-off items are extremely flat, grooves ensure solid friction grip without increasing the contact pressure. V-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular grooves are available.

All features and benefits at a glance:

  • Great flexibility
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Small length tolerances
  • Long service cycle through ageing resistance
  • Resistant to plasticiser vapours from the
    haul-off goods
  • Oil and grease-resistant
  • Sulphur and ozone-resistant
  • High friction coefficient of belt and haul-off good
  • Excellent running qualities even at high belt speeds

Haul-Off Belts