Equipment & Accessories

Equipment and Accessories

Equipment, accessories, spare parts and trainings


For easy confectioning of our conveyor and process belts, flat belts and PU timing belts on-site, we supply all the necessary technical equipment, such as welding presses, splitting machines, finger type punching machines, vulcanizing machines and pressfit machines.

We keep work materials and equipment, for example, glues, pastes, belt connectors, welding film and edge impregnating systems in stock, also inlay plates for welding presses and spare parts for our machinery.

Extensive documentation is provided with our rental equipment. It goes without saying that we are prepared to hold individual trainings at your or our premises. The machinery provided – all machines are easy to use – can be loaned (there may be a charge), rented or leased. Our domestic and foreign service partners receive the equipment free of charge.

We also operate a repair service which allows us to offer solutions at short notice and a reasonable prices.
Please note that this is only a small selection from our extensive range of products and services. If you are interested in learning more about other possibilities, please come and get to know us on one of the guided tours of the production facilities.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

Splicing technology - conveyor belts

Schnellheizpresse mit Zubehör
Spaltmaschine neue Generation
instant heating press with accessories welding press splitting machine splitting machine (latest generation) finger type punching machine
Spezialdüsen für Heißluftgebläse
160er Schweißpresse
hot-air unit special nozzles for hot-air unit welding machine type 160 water-cooling unit

Splicing technology - flat belts

Anschärfmaschine für Flachriemen
Anschärfmaschine für Flachriemen
Anschärfmaschine für Flachriemen
Anschärfmaschine für Flachriemen
skiving machine for flat belts skiving machine for flat belts skiving machine for flat belts skiving machine for flat belts
screw press screw press

Splicing technology - timing belts

Zahnriemen-Stanze (mobil)
Zahnriemen-Schweißpresse (mobil)
stationäre Zahnriemen-Schweißpresse
stationäre Kühlung
mobile timing belt punching press mobile timing belt welding machine stationary timing belt welding machine stationary cooling system
timing belt tool timing belt tool thermo sensor