Curved Conveyors

Curved Conveyors

Our curved conveyors are used when goods have to be conveyed through curves without changing their position. They are universally usable and can easily be integrated into existing conveyor systems. We offer curved conveyors as light-weight or massive constructions in steel or stainless steel design and with or without transmission.

The knife edge technology guarantees perfect positioning of the goods to be conveyed when handed over for further processing even in case of minor direction changes.

Conveyance angle:
KLUMP curve conveyors are available with an angle range from 30° to 180°. Angles outside this range are available upon request.

The standard design for curve conveyors is a light-weight construction from varnished or powdered steel with the colour selectable from the RAL range. We have developed stainless steel curve conveyors for use in the food industry. These systems can be equipped with a height-adjustable underframe and are suited for different carrying weights. They can also be equipped with additional lateral guides.

Light-weight construction designs are intended for conical rollers with a diameter between 50 and 70 mm. For massive designs or high carrying weights we can manufacture rollers with a diameter of up to 250 mm. The transmission roller is frictioned or gummed to prevent the curve belt from “gliding through“. Different types of transmissions, for example motors with controlled chain transmission or slip-on gear mechanism, are available. The knife edge technology with an easy to replace belt system and a centred transmission completes our standard programme.

Curve belts:
Our belts are made of material, such as, if necessary, oil and grease-resistant and FDA-approved PVC and PU. Special types from felt, silicone and profiled carrying sides are also possible. Please also see the section “Spare Curve Belts“. Different guiding systems and careful measuring ensure a precise belt movement and operation at minimum noise levels.
As spare parts, guiding systems, deflection rollers, bearings and curve belts are available in short time.

All features and benefits at a glance:

  • High reliability and precise positioning
  • Compact construction
  • Many combination possibilities and universal usability
  • Low-maintenance and quick belt change
  • Very low noise level
  • Extensive set of spare parts
Curved ConveyorsCurved ConveyorsCurved ConveyorsCurved ConveyorsCurved Conveyors
Curved ConveyorsCurved ConveyorsCurved Conveyors