KLUMP conveyor belts, flat belts, timing belts and V-ribbed belts can be equipped with the most varied coatings even at a later point in time. This makes them nearly universally applicable. In addition, ground surfaces, millings, criss-crossings, any kind of punching and special designs are available according to your specifications or drawings. Backside coatings from PVC, PU, silicone, rubber, leather or felt are possible. If desired, different coatings can be combined or doubled.

Do you have any further questions? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you more detailed information material, sample binders and technical data sheets for the individual products as well as issue quotations that meet your specific requirements.

PVC backside coatings:
Subsequent coatings in flat or profiled PVC design are available in various Shore hardnesses and FDA-approved are oil, grease, acid and chemicals-resistant. This material has also proven to be weather-proof and possess an excellent adhesion behaviour. Profiled coatings, such as Supergrip, longitudinal grooves, nipples, saw tooth and fish-bone patterns are part of the standard programme.

PU backside coatings:
PU coatings are possible in different combinations, for example, films, IKLUMER foams, Cellvukollan or as spray-on PU. Depending on the field of use, these materials possess a high resistance to mechanical strain and are also abrasion-resistant. A long service cycle is also ensured when used in contact with chemicals, solvents, oils and greases.

Silicone backside coatings:
High-quality materials such as silicone are used with high temperatures and non-adhesive coatings. Another criterion for its use is the material's high carrying capability which is produced in different Shore hardnesses.

Rubber backside coatings:
We differentiate between natural rubber, such as LINATEX and CORREX and artificial rubber, such as POROL, EPDM, elastomer and sponge rubber. These coatings have good resistance qualities against ozone, temperature and the effects of the weather. At the same time they are also abrasion-resistant, impact-elastic and flexible at low temperatures. A good adhesion ensures good product carrying qualities.

Fields of use:
Coated belts are used in special applications, for example in the wood, flat glass, paper and printing, hygiene, film and cable industries. Special belts are further used in the packaging and labelling machine industry and as pressing, feeding or haul-off belts.

All features and benefits at a glance:

  • Wide range of fields of use in the most varied industries
  • Excellent resistance qualities
  • Special design and post-processing



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