Industries & Applications

Industries and Applications

IndustrieanlageWe provide programmes and solutions for the most varied requirements and industries. Our products are indispensable system components in commerce, production and services.

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IndustrieanlageThese are the most significant industries:

  • Food industry
  • Agricultural/harvesting machines
  • Paper and corrugated cardboard industry
  • Printing industry
  • Logistics
  • Airports
  • Timber industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Textile industry
  • Extractive industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial production
  • Leisure industry

...and many others

Fields of use especially suited for conveyor belts and production lines from synthetic materials

  • Conveyor system manufacturers
  • Packaging machine manufacturers
  • Machine construction
  • Electro equipment and tool building
  • Machine construction for the textile industry
  • Weighing and batcher systems
  • Wood working machines
  • Tobacco machine conveyor systems
  • Brickyard machines

Main fields of use:

Grain industry; mills; flake board and woodworks; sugar industry; large printing companies; publishing houses; textile companies; metalworking industry; magnetic tapes; automotive and supplying industries; cattle and horses industry; poultry and delicatessen companies; tobacco products companies, coffee, chocolate, candy and spirits companies; postal and railway companies; wholesale and mail order companies, brick, cement, ceramics and porcelain companies; broadcasting industry; breweries; detergents and soaps industry; cold rolling mills (belts for coiling machines); sheet metal crushing units; airports; furniture factories; foamed plastic producers; tyre manufacturers; board mills; corrugated cardboard factories; laundry services; large-scale nurseries; dairies; glass industry; harvesting machines (agricultural machinery); colling belts; cash desk systems; large-scale caterers; canteen; pharmaceutical industry; spinning frames; plastics industry.